Bright & Early: We Can See Georgia From Our House Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The Vice Presidential debate is upon us (8pm CST!) and Nashvillians are excited. Last week, Nashville and Memphis both made the list of top 5 cities that viewed the first presidential debate (Nashville at 44% and Memphis at 49.5%). It looks like the viewing party options are limited this time around with the Democrats meeting at the Obama HQ and the Republicans hold down the fort on the East side, but that shouldn’t stop us from one-upping Memphis this time. And that reminds us–have you heard that Belmont’s hosting a presidential debate? Five days, ten hours, 43 minutes.

  • Roma’s Pizza shooting. A Roma’s Pizza employee was shot in the head last night after a robber entered the Green Hills store and demanded money. The shooter is still on the loose, so lock up, Green Hills.
  • No luck at all. Police also found a dead guy in Centennial Park last night who had apparently been stabbed to death sometime after midnight. And coincidentally, also after just getting out of the hospital from another attack. No one has found the perpetrator in that case, either.
  • Bits & pieces. Another possible Hollywood strike that could interrupt yet another season of The Office … Tennessee is trying to fix the bus system between rural areas and the state’s major cities … The original Declaration of Independence is stopping over at the Nashville Public Library for a few days … Vince Young is back at practice and may get to play on Sunday.

Photo by aprilcrockettflickr.

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