This Weekend: Regions Free Day Of Music At The Nashville Symphony

We say this about a lot of things, but the annual Regions Free Day of Music at the Nashville Symphony is really one of our favorite events in Nashville. This Saturday marks the 3rd year that the Nashville Symphony has graciously opened the doors of the new Schermerhorn Symphony Center and hosted a day of festivities and free, wonderful music. The first year, we waited in line for hours just to get in… And it’s really worth it. This year, passes will be handed out starting at 11am until they hit building capacity, and then the waiting starts. As people come and go, their passes are redistributed to those waiting in line. 

The day is full of music from a variety of local groups, and the Nashville Symphony will perform (yes, for free) at 8:15pm. Beware if you’re thinking of seizing the opportunity for a cheap date – the symphony is, uh, low on vibeyness on free day, if you catch our drift. We’re talking disposable cameras, crying babies and TONS of cowboy hats. But you get what you pay for, and it’s a great introduction for those intimidated by the idea of a formal and expensive evening at the symphony. 

The full schedule for Saturday is here

Photo by Jon Erickson

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