Nashvillest Twitter Roundup: It’s A Gas

We know we can always count on our Twitter friends to entertain us when the going gets tough. For those not in the Twitter loop, here’s a snapshot of how your fellow Nashvillians are handling the gas crisis. And if you want to do your part to make things better, don’t panic

  • @studionashvegas: #nashvillegas it feels like Mad Max out here. Ready to see a tanker truck get hijacked. it IS pirate day, after all.
  • @jaxn: I am going to refrain from getting gas. We have 1/4 in the truck and 1/2 in the van. Our plan is to drive less.
  • @christyfrink: the big ‘OUT OF GAS!!!’ sign slapped over the shell station doesn’t seem to have deterred people from stopping there. and stopping traffic!
  • @coffeeeyes: my co worker who lives in alabama said cars were being pushed off the interstate because they ran out of gas.
  • @kateo: Just did a bit of free-shipping online-shopping to preserve the half-tank of gas we have in our car. Thanks, Amazon, Drugstore, & Plumgood!
  • @nagrommit: Planning on having Bean Burrito at Taco Bell. #nashvillegas
  • @jagadiah: Just put the lawnmower gas in the car. Gonna take the gas can to m’boro tonight in case we find some out there.
  • @pamcase - Craziness in front of me in Wilson Co.
  • @grovesa16: EPIC video on the front of Live video of people fighting for gas at Club Exxon. I’m about to buy
  • @janeqpublic: It’s a warzone out here.
  • @theblogstar: I was going to get fuel… But the line was 52 cars deep. No joke…
  • @burnshead: everyone freaked out last week with the gas. like raiding Kroger the night before a snowstorm for fear that cows will stop producing milk.
  • @deweese - Amazed at the line of cars following the gas truck to the station
  • @davedelaney:…and in other news. Nashville has run out of gas. Time to tune up the bicycle. Arg!
  • @petercole: Thought it was football game traffic but its exxon traffic. Cop and orange cones. Weird
  • @Kelliente: Heading out for the weekend. Can’t wait to see the Great Diaspora of Aught Eight as Nashvillians may actually walk places this weekend.
  • @cwage: I am gonna start selling acetone on the street in gas cans
  • @Chris1051: im going to run out of gas looking for gas

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