Hey Intern Adam, Britney Spears Called, She Wants Her Single Back

Nashville is usually pretty low key when it comes to celebrity gossip. Nicole Kidman, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Simpson can wander around town relatively unbothered, but today was different. Today was the day that we made the headlines of every celebrity gossip blog in existence, thanks to 107.5 The River’s own Intern Adam. Seems that he has managed to royally tick off the label execs at Jive Records by recording a phone call where he was played a 40-second preview of a new Britney Spears track and then posting it on The River’s website. Seriously, who does that? Especially in Nashville? Whatever, Intern Adam. We thought you knew better. Have fun with that $250,000 fine

Photo courtesy of Pink Is The New Blog

UPDATE 9/23/08 at 12:00pm: Seems as though Intern Adam has parted ways with The River, and once again is in every celebrity gossip blog across the web. From Intern Adam’s blog:

For those stopping by to catch up on all the celebrity gossip and the Intern Adam vs. Britney Spears drama, don’t expect any posts from IA.  He is not here.  We are sorry to inform you he is not on the air with Woody & Jim In The Morning. No details will be given at this time, however we are sure you can fish around the internet gossip blogs to figure stuff out.

Britney’s craziness must have rubbed off on a fan.  Someone created this website: www.internadamsucks.com in an effort to expose IA. 

As if W&J didn’t do it enough while he was on-air…
Way to be subtle, guys.