Nashville In The News: No One Can Figure Out This Gas Thing

All Britney Spears drama aside, Nashville has been a pretty popular topic of conversation in the news this weekend, and we all know why. We’ve received tons of calls from friends & family around the country wondering why exactly we don’t have gas. And well, we just can’t answer that for them. Everyone seems to have a different story about if the gas shortage is just a rumor, the percentages of gas stations without gas, the actual role that recent hurricanes played in this weekend’s mayhem, and on and on and on… It would be more entertaining if we weren’t the butt of the joke. Alas, we’ll just hang out at home and keep wondering, because it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to tell us the real story anytime soon. Here’s the story as it’s made its way around the media in the past 24 hours.

  • Drudge Report. First, we made the Drudge Report on Friday in what may be the understatement of the century (“Some Nashville area stations out of gas”). Drudge linked to WZTV, and from there things just went downhill.
  • Consumerist. We squealed aloud when we saw the story on Consumerist. Needless to say, we’re huge Gawker Media fans. They linked to the Tennessean, and in typical Consumerist-commenter fashion, they all began drumming up conspiracy theories. It’s awesome.
  • CNN. CNN would just like everyone to know that the gas shortage is just a rumor. Interestingly enough, we never heard any rumors about gas shortages. We just noticed that none of the eight gas stations by Nashvillest headquarters had gas. It took a lot of brain power, but we finally deduced that there was a gas shortage. CNN says we’re wrong.
  • Gov. Bredesen. Then good ol’ Phil came to the rescue by actually recognizing that something was awry. He says our pipelines are good to go, but mentions that it probably isn’t a bad idea to conserve a little.
  • Local news. The Tennessean says that AAA says that 50-60% of our stations are still without gas. WTVF brings us the same worn out old story, but this time from the perspective of the cabbies. WSMV says that AAA says we could still be waiting a week, even though Bredesen says we’ve got the fuel. And last but not least, WKRN reminds us of just how widespread our panic has been.
Photo by Mykl Roventine.

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