Bright & Early: Running On Empty Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Hopefully you made it to work this morning on whatever fumes are left in your gas tank. Thanks to the Tennessean’s sort-of-accurate gas map, we were able to find a spot to fill up yesterday, and the situation should be improving a lot within the next few days. Meanwhile, don’t be fooled by the 85-degree weather this afternoon; Fall actually does start today. It’s not quite cool enough to bust out the coats and hot apple cider but we have our fingers crossed for later in the week.

  • The mayor speaketh. We won’t lie: We’ve kinda been wondering where our fearless leader, Mayor Dean, has been since we’ve all been mass-panicking and actually having to walk places. Apparently he’s been off frolicking in Jerusalem and welcoming Nashville’s newest Rabbi to town. To be fair, he did finally issue a statement yesterday.
  • You got served. Things aren’t looking too good for David Kernell, UT-Knoxville student and son of Tennessee State Rep. Mike Kernell, who was served with a federal search warrant over the weekend. David Kernell is the kid who supposedly hacked into Sarah Palin’s email and leaked some screen shots that weren’t even really anything to write home about.
  • Bits & pieces. Red Dog Scooters becomes the third place in East Nashville to fall victim to a firebombing in the past week … A 5-year old girl brings marijuana to school at an Antioch Elementary School, says she just found them at home … Austin Peay is in for a real treat on Thursday when Fidel Castro’s daughter is scheduled to speak … Wilson County gets to pony up to the legal fees incurred by a case involving a student suing the group Praying Parents for propagandizing.

Photo by Grey Street Girl.

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