Happy Hour: We’re Guarding Our Gasoline

  • Just when we thought the gas situation couldn’t get any worse, people started throwing tantrums at the gas pumps. It reminds us of those good ol’ hurricane days in Virginia. [WKRN]
  • We thought that less gas = less driving = less wrecks, but it seems that Nashville drivers are just as ruthless as ever. Three people died today in a crash that completely closed I-40E in Wilson County, and there were serious injuries in an accident that closed Hwy 96W this afternoon. [WTVF, WTVF]
  • AAA tells us that around 85% of area gas stations are out of fuel. From the amount of time we spent driving around looking for gas last night, we’d peg the percentage much higher. Oh, and they tossed in a little jab as well – While we’re seeing some serious supply and demand issues, it seems that our buddies in Knoxville are enjoying plummeting gas prices. Great. [Tennessean]
  • Is anyone really surprised that all this nonsense means people are stealing gas? [That Is Messed Up]
  • Finally, some news that’s not about gas or cars or plunder (ahoy!): The bed bugs are back. [WKRN]
Hang in there, folks… Things will get better soon. If it will help you feel any better, feel free to share your gas/no gas/gas lines/road rage stories in the comments. Nashvillest is always listening. 


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