The Weekendist: Festivals Galore Edition


Welcome to the first batch of fall festivals! This weekend is sort of overloaded on Saturday, but take some time to check out the Americana Music Festival during the rest of the weekend. We’re heading out of town on a Nashvillest Field Trip to the ‘Noog, which you can be sure you’ll hear about when we get back. Until then, enjoy the weekend with some of our top picks. 


  • Naked Carnivale. Presented by Untitled Artists Group, Naked Carnivale is… well, it’s more than an art show. It’s an art show of a different sort, and attendees are encouraged to wear masks and costumes and “reveal your alter ego.” Also, our favorite masters of mischief may or may not be planning an appearance. Naked Carnivale is free and it’s bound to be an experience. We’re just not quite sure what we should expect from that experience. 6pm-10pm at Diamond Sound Studios


  • The Great Apple Festival. Head down to the Green Hills Whole Foods (if you live in Franklin, don’t bother, your apple fest is coming next week) to sample apples, apple juice, apple “concoctions,” candy apples, apple pie and do… apple-riffic (their words) activities. Whew. We like apples, so what the heck. Also, Saturday is National Eat An Apple Day or something like that… So eat an apple. 
  • Belle Meade Plantation Fall Fest. It doesn’t get much better than celebrating the changing seasons at a traditional fall festival, although this one could be better by being a little bit cheaper. Adults (12 and up) are $10, but kids get in free… Until they start begging for rides & games, and then you have to shell out $20 for a wristband. But if you can keep the kids interested in the animals, magicians, face painting and more, you’re set. 9am-6pm. 
  • Berry Hill Craft Fair. Next weekend is the 30th Annual Fall Craft Fair from TACA, but to tide you over on all delightful crafty things, Berry Hill Merchant’s Association is holding a craft fair this Saturday in Azalea Park from 10am-4pm. We always love wandering around these to see the amazing handmade creations (and wish that we had an ounce of crafty talent). 
  • Sudanese-American Festival. From 11am-6pm at Trevecca, enjoy learning about Sudanese culture and food. We love food. Some of the local Lost Boys will be hanging out at the festival and giving presentation on traditional Sudanese culture. 
  • Wine On The River. In only its 6th year, Wine On The River is expecting – get this – over 3,000 people to attend this year. Tickets are almost sold out, so grab them now before it’s too late. $45 in advance or $55 day of. Wine On The River will happen from 3pm-7pm on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. 
Photo by alykat

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