Bright & (Not So) Early: We Are Out Of Titles Today Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’re running late this morning, so you know the drill. Your abbreviated Bright & Early:

  • Six out of every 100 Tennesseans are carrying an STD, so think about this before you make your Decisions. We are the 11th most STD-ridden state in the country. [City Paper]
  • Some crazies stormed John Rich’s luminous castle, Mt. Richmore, last night with flashlights and a ferris wheel to convey that everyone hates his house, his loud parties (unless we’re invited), and his obnoxious spotlight. [Post Politics]
  • Savage pythons are invading Tennessee! But only this one park in the northwestern corner of the state, and only one python, and this python was probably a pet at one time, and it is now dead. False alarm. [WSMV]
  • Plans are hatching to start a comprehensive restoration project on Centennial Park, which we always forget is so old because it still looks pretty nice. Well, except for that clam statue. [City Paper]
  • Preds goalie extraordinaire Pekka Rinne decided that this city is alright and will be sticking around for a few more years. [City Paper]
  • GM promises that Hummers are gone for real this time. [Tennessean]
  • Did you know that it’s not yet illegal for someone to be drinking in your passenger seat while you’re driving? It probably will be soon, though. [WPLN]
  • More snow! But not for us, for we are in “the basin.” [Nashville WX]

Photo by fallingwater123.

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