Happy Hour: School Daze

  • To make up for all those crazy snow days, Metro announced today that they’ll be tacking on 30 minutes to the end of every school day fro March 8th-April 28th with the exception of TCAP testing week. [WTVF]
  • Speaking of! [Nashville WX]
  • Although they’re allowing us fish tanks in our barber shops, at least, Tennessee lawmakers are still hitting us where it hurts: Drive-thru beer stores. [Post Politics]
  • Everyone please welcome Franklin into the 21st Century, which is code for “curbside recycling.” [Tennessean]
  • (Sad) Headline Of The Day: “Drunk Memphis Mom Runs Through School With Sword.” [Tennessean]
  • Holy crap our state has SEVEN state songs. Of course no one wants to add an eighth. [WSMV]

Photo by meganmorris.