Bright & Early: Slow Clap For TDOT Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We have a Very Important Announcement to make: The mobile home has been cleared from I-40, finally, approximately 36 hours after getting wedged under the Elm Hill Pike overpass.  What you see above is a TDOT traffic map with no “Incident” marker at exit 216, which is something we haven’t seen since 1:40pm on Monday afternoon.

  • Steve wuz (not) here. After much speculation and “OMG what if Steve Jobs swapped out his liver at Vandy!” chatter we’ve been hearing, the Methodist University Hospital has confirmed that Steve actually got his liver transplant in Memphis and is recovering really well.
  • Cool running. If you frequent the Cool Springs YMCA, look for the hot pink treadmill, hop on it, and start running. For each mile logged, they’ll donate 10 cents to breast cancer research. By October, we’ll probably be seeing pink treadmills in all of the middle Tennessee Y’s.
  • Bits & pieces. Belmont dug up some creepy remains of a bear house (yes, a house where bears were kept) under a campus parking lot … Perry County, whose unemployment rate hit 26% this year, is on the slow road to recovery … Apparently a hangman’s noose was found at the Kingston fossil fuel plant a few months before the enormous coal ash spill.

A year ago on Nashvillest: We took a look at all the Preds trade deals a-brewin’, watched some real-life Weeds, learned about the possible fate of our beloved Starwood Amphitheater, and found out just how geeky our city really is.

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