The Green Wagon Gets Second Home In East Nashville

The Green Wagon, the tiny little environmentally-friendly general store tucked away in Sylvan Park, is ambitiously opening a second location near East Nashville’s 5 Points this summer. Owner Jennifer Casale opened The Green Wagon’s first location less than six months ago, in early January. What’s that you say about a recession?

Our favorite part about The Green Wagon is, hands-down, the bulk filling station where customers can refill bottles of various cleaning products, thereby eliminating the waste of buying a new bottle and saving a few pennies in the process. The new location will also house a vegetarian cafe, and we hope it lasts longer than the last vegetarian cafe in East Nashville.

East Nashvillians, will you welcome The Green Wagon to the neighborhood? Do you think it can coexist peacefully with the Turnip Truck? Can a vegetarian cafe actually survive over yonder? Fill us in.