Bright & Early: Watch Where You Step Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Been to the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge lately? Apparently it smells like urine, vomit, and alcohol. Where do we sign up? And in case you missed it, WSMV has been kind enough to supply us with some close-up pictures of these alleged “nasty spots,” which we’re guessing are Photoshopped. Wait, what’s that you say? There actually are puddles of beer and human waste on the bridge? Gross! At least Metro police are doing their part to help keep the place clean. In the mean time, we can think of a few other places we’d rather hang out.

  • Puppet drama. The folks in Murfreesboro public schools are doing their part to help educate kids about other cultures in the community through an unlikely outlet: puppet shows. Problem is, their newest puppet is Hispanic and bilingual, which has caused some controversy amongst members of the school board. But because Murfreesboro obviously isn’t Nashville, people are more concerned about how the well Hispanic character is portrayed and less about the fact that it’s bilingual and, well, Hispanic.
  • Thou shalt not capitalize or something. Overall, the religious community in Middle Tennessee seems pretty supportive of Bible Park moving right into Lebanon, but we’re not sure why. Even the Catholic Diocese of Nashville approves, saying that it “encourages Christians to participate.”
  • Bits & pieces. Gallatin commuters have their very own bus route and the schedule was announced yesterday … Speaking of public transportation, the Music City Star is seeing record numbers this month as a result of the Great Nashville Gas Crisis of Aught Eight … Metro’s flu shot centers are back this season starting October 20th. You might also check and see if they’re available through your employer … The Tennessean explains the mysterious lottery system for Belmont students who may (but probably won’t) be able to get into the debate … Enjoy your last few days of September, because the TVA is still jacking up your electric bill by 15% on October 1st.

Photo by crashmattb.

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