Happy Hour: Don’t Crack-Tax Us, Bro

  • Did you buy any crack (or any other illegal drug, for that matter) last year? And did you pay taxes on it? You could be eligible for a refund! Since the Tennessee Supreme Court struck down the “crack tax” last year, only 161 people have stepped forward to get their money back. [Tennessean]
  • A student-run branch of the Tennessee Credit Union opened up inside of Antioch High School this week, aiming to give students some work experience and money management skills. [WTVF]
  • Vanderbilt released the Tennessee Men’s Health report card and apparently our men are very, very unhealthy! In fact, on a scale of one to Fail, they get a Fail. [Tennessean]
  • ‘Tis the season when the deer are bangin’ and, consequently, they are much more likely to run out in front of your car while pursuing a sexy deer mate. So be careful! Seriously. [WSMV]
  • Metro Schools received a $12 million grant to boost the district’s magnet program, so they’ll be starting up six new magnet schools including the much-anticipated Pearl-Cohn High School for entertainment and music business. [City Paper]

Photo by Vic James Photography.

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