Bright & Early: Trailing Edition

Good morning, Nashville. After repeated warnings from Governor Phil hoping to prepare parents for lower TCAP scores, the results are finally coming in and they’re pretty bad. Because officials thought that the test was so easy that it wasn’t giving accurate feedback, they made it more difficult this year and graded it a little differently. As a result, many kids and parents are upset because they’re scoring so poorly compared to previous years even though they’re performing the same.

Photo by neuski.

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  • I walk past that guy all the time.. I work across the street

  • Justin

    I don’t know that I understand the MTSU situation. If MTSU needs to cut their budget, it’s because they don’t have enough money. Students should expect tuition increases if they really want to keep whatever programs they want to keep. You could cut administrator salaries, but how far will that really get you? Either the money is there or it isn’t. You can’t blame the administration for thinking long-term. Usually the way they do this kind of thing is to drop a given major for incoming freshmen, and then let that work it’s way up over the next three years until the major is completely gone. Is that not what MTSU is doing?