Bright & Early: All Is Fair Edition

Good morning, Nashville. The Tennessee State Fair and Fairgrounds have been in constant limbo for the past year or so with Mayor Dean proposing to shut it down by the first of July, then extending the closing date to the end of the year with various groups fighting to keep it around as a 104-year old Tennessee tradition. This year, the fair has changed hands for one last hurrah and kicks off this Friday, September 10th through September 19th. Most believe this will be the for-real last time we see the Tennessee State Fair. As for the Fairgrounds, folks are still trying to convince the city keep it open for other events, like the Saturday flea market, while they decide what they’re going to do with the space. There’s also a chance that an old Dillard’s inside the Hickory Hollow Mall could be converted to an expo center to play host to those events.

Photo by flyba.

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