Ben & Jerry’s Brings Bonnaroo Buzz To Scoop Shops

Bonnaroo has never sounded this delicious. Bonnaroo Buzz, the newest addition to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lineup, is a light coffee & malt ice cream blend with whiskey caramel swirls and english toffee pieces, and dedicated to our sorta-hometown festival. Did somebody say whiskey? The ice cream won’t be available in retail stores, but you won’t have to haul all the way out to Manchester to get it – Bonnaroo Buzz will be in scoop shops soon, and yes, it will also be available at the festival. And mark your calendars, because on May 4 from 5-7pm, scoop shops nationwide will host Bonnaroo Buzz Flavor Release Parties.

As if having a really-extremely-delicious-sounding ice cream dedicated to them isn’t awesome enough, Bonnaroo will be donating their share of the ice cream proceeds to the Bonnaroo Works Fund, which means we have no reason to feel bad about a little indulgence, right?

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