Head To The Hermitage On Friday For Free Admission [Freebies]

This coming Friday marks the 195th anniversary of the American victory at the Battle of New Orleans, and to celebrate, The Hermitage is inviting everyone to come party, 1812-style, for free! Regular price admission is $17 for adults, so take advantage of this rare free day. Fill up the car and take a (short) roadtrip out to The Hermitage, where you’ll observe a traditional wreath-laying ceremony and participate in the annual “Eighth of January” events.

If you’re stuck at work (like us) on Friday, you can still visit The Hermitage this month (or next, for that matter) for half price – Just bring along a canned food donation and your Tennessee driver’s license. A half price ticket is still $8.50, and you won’t get to see any wreath-laying, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Photo by vanherdehaage.