Bright & Early: #toocoldtotweet Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We can’t seem to stop talking about how cold it is this week, and it looks like we won’t be stopping anytime soon. Temperatures this afternoon are expected to reach a balmy high of 28 degrees, and the forecast for 2″-4″ of snow on Thursday is looking more and more likely. Snow in Nashville? You know what that means – Panic! Hit the stores and buy out everything in stock, because come Thursday, we’ll all forget how to drive and the store shelves will be empty anyway. On a more serious note, the cold snap has caused at least four known deaths across the state of Tennessee, so as much as we kid, stay safe out there.

  • Find another breakfast food, already. We thought this news was, like, so 2009, but the Great Eggo Waffle Shortage of Aught Nine is apparently still very upsetting to some Nashvillians. So if you were planning to buy out your local Kroger’s supply of Eggo waffles in preparation for the Great Blizzard of Twenty-Ten, think again.
  • Flip flop. Tonight, Metro Council will consider a new proposal regarding the law that bans Metro drivers from warming up vehicles in their driveways. The proposal would create an exception to the law for cars with remote starting devices, allowing at least some car owners to enjoy a more thawed-out commute.
  • What we still don’t know won’t hurt us. It looks like we won’t be seeing calorie counts on menus in Nashville quite yet. Despite passing a bill last year requiring restaurants with more than 15 locations to add nutritional information to menus in 2010, Metro Health is now considering waiting until the federal health care reform bill passes. The federal bill contains similar menu labeling requirements.
  • Bits & pieces. A Clarksville teen broke the world record for continuous video game playing this morning at 4:22am … Don’t mess with 12th & Porter patrons … Excavation has begun for Nashville’s first Nordstrom in Green Hills (read: Mall traffic will be worse than ever until they finish) … Chris Johnson is doling out engraved Rolexes to his offensive linemen to celebrate a season well-played … Six Tennessee schools are in the running for the 2010 Blue Ribbon Schools award, given for academic excellence … Belmont University will move forward with a $7 million renovation of Rose Park.

Photo by inhisgrace.

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