Nashville’s First Chipotle Opens Friday; Free Burritos Tomorrow [Freebies]

You read that right. Our months of waiting are over, and Nashville’s first Chipotle opens at 2825 West End Ave this Friday at 3pm with goodies for the first 100 burrito-buyers, and the opportunity to win a year of free burritos!

But there’s even better news: We don’t have to wait ’till Friday to get our Chipotle on. Tomorrow (Wednesday), everyone’s invited to stop by between 11am-7pm to grab a burrito, and it’s on the house! It’s true. Tomorrow, Chipotle will be doling out the free burritos. We’re expecting long lines and a lot of happy people, and you can count us among them.

Here’s a little something for the Chipotle superfans: Is Chipotle In Nashville Yet?

Photo by puroticorico.

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