Happy Hour: Ready, Set, Fight

  • We’re not sure which is funnier: The fact that Stephen Colbert almost had a Knoxville building named after him, the honorary parking space they gave him instead, or guy holding up Colbert’s honorary parking sign in all of the photos whose name is “Chuck Morris.” [KnoxNews]
  • Or maybe that everyone’s favorite blogging state rep Stacey Campfield was escorted out of a UT football game because he was wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask and then mouthed off to the police when he was asked to remove it. [WSMV]
  • Our foreclosure rates here in Tennessee aren’t rising quite as quickly as other states, so that’s cause for celebration. [Post Business]
  • If you’ve ever wanted to participate in one of Vanderbilt’s clinical trials (or, say, you wanted to  volunteer your infant for an experimental swine flu vaccine), they just launched a website to make that easier than ever. [WPLN]
  • Thanks to that $2 million Parks & Rec deficit we told you about a few weeks ago, the department will now be shutting down five community centers and probably laying off 55 people to try to recoup the loss. [City Paper]

Photo by senor codo.

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