Happy Hour: Keep On Truckin’

  • We got our state report card today and there is some good news: Our high school graduation rate has gone up! The bad news is that our kids still can’t read good. [Tennessean]
  • Some former Six Flags execs have purchased Nashville Shores, but don’t get your hopes up because they already said they’re not building us any rollercoasters. What fun is that? [Nashville Is Talking]
  • Oh, did you want to see Al Gore at Davis-Kidd next weekend? Good luck with that. And don’t even think about trying to sneak a camera in. And no, he will not sign your [insert item which is not a book]. [Tennessean]
  • The lawsuit against Metro Schools and their controversial rezoning plan had its first day in federal court today. The lawsuit claims that the school rezoning that went into effect this year re-segregated Nashville schools and grouped kids from bad neighborhoods into bad schools with no books. [WKRN]
  • “Contrary to what you may have heard, nobody was shot on the campus of Tennessee State University today.” Awesome. [Tennessean]
  • A suspicious package in Lebanon which turned out to be a poorly-wrapped bench (?? – Ed.) made for a messy commute on the Music City Star this evening. [WTVF]

Photo by mcquinn.