This Weekend: Dragons, By The Dozens, In The River

Nashville’s downtown riverfront sees some pretty interesting things during the summer. Like homemade flying contraptions flopping to their watery graves, thousands of rubber duckies racing downstream, and the annual Dragon Boat races, where teams of 20 race each other in the ornate (and sort of awkward looking) boats, complete with viking caps and pirate garb.

The 2009 Dragon Boat & River Festival kicks off this Saturday at the downtown riverfront, and it’s an entertaining (and free) way to spend the day, even if you’re not hitting the paddles (especially if you’re not hitting the paddles – at least, if you’re lazy like us). The races begin bright and sort-of-early at 9am, and continue well into the afternoon. Fun for families with kids, as well as the lurking blogger or two, the Dragon Boat & River Festival has scored itself a permanent space on our calendar every year. Visit for more information, and check out some photos of last year’s Dragon Boat race here.

Photo by morganlevy.

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