Happy Hour: It’s Electric

  • The TVA is taking about a $3 billion loan to help pay for the Kingston spill cleanup and keep their pension fund from going bankrupt. Starting October 1, they’ll also be increasing electric rates by 8% but decreasing fuel rates by 11%, meaning we’ll all be seeing around $2 less on our bills every month. [WPLN]
  • Tennessee’s unemployment rate went down another tenth of a percent this month, bringing us to 10.7%. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really mean that we’re improving so much as it means that folks are giving up on the job search. [Tennessean]
  • We have a chance of seeing some more storms roll through tonight, just in case today’s monsoon wasn’t enough for you. By the way, check out this crazy video of the WSIX tower getting struck by lightning this afternoon (about 1:35 in). [Tennessean]
  • Mt. Juliet is going to be the recipient of a shiny new Walmart at the end of October. The company is looking to hire about 350 people before it opens. [WKRN]

Photo by cwage.

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