Bright & Early: Just Another Manic Monday Edition

Good morning, Nashville. So this weekend wasn’t quite as relaxing as we’d hoped, but somehow despite the craziness of Steve McNair’s death, our souvenir sunburns from the Hot Chicken Festival, and The Great Fireworks Monsoon of ‘09, we’ve still rolled into Monday morning in once piece. As of this morning, developments in the McNair case are still dominating the headlines: Investigators have now confirmed that he and Saleh Kazemi were definitely dating, neighbors are saying that they often saw Titans hanging out at her apartment, and someone even dug up a bunch of pictures of his Green Hills home that was up for sale. As details continue to come out, we’re still incredibly saddened by whole situation and kind of wish this weekend had never happened. The public memorial will be held Thursday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in White’s Creek at 3pm. Meanwhile, the makeshift memorial at his new restaurant, Gridiron9, continues to grow.

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Photo by Mark in Nashville.

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