Bright & Early: Busted Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’ll start off today with a burning question: Which of you folks are among the lucky 5,000 Nashvillians whose parking tickets were found stuffed in clerks’ desks at the Metro courthouse yesterday? Because your editors have collected a number of parking tickets around town over the years, and we’re pretty sure no one has ever stuffed ours into a desk. Either way, the tickets are hiding no more, the clerks in question have been fired, and the 5,000 will soon be receiving letters telling them that they still need to pay up.

A year ago on Nashvillest: We were a little bit horrified when a projector screen came crashing down on the Hannah Montana movie set, failed at explaining the clown in a box with a beer scenario in the Gulch, and were kind of offended when Hotel Preston called us all rednecks.

Photo by Silenus81.

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