Nashville Not Cookout Capital Of The World, No One Is Surprised [Mixed Reviews]

This news comes as no surprise after the past month of rain, rain, tornadoes, rain and more rain. Blue Rhino, self-proclaimed cookout experts, have released a list of the nation’s Top Cookout Capitals, and Nashville comes in at a measly 55th place.

The list, in its third year, ranks markets with populations equal to or greater than 99,000 based on the number of ideal grilling days reported during the months of May through August, which are defined as days under 90 degrees and having no precipitation. Weather data was compiled from the National Weather Service.

We haven’t found a bad place for a cookout yet, but we do like to recognize places where ideal weather conditions make for great grilling.

This would not be so depressing if it hadn’t stormed like the dickens for the nth time this morning, and also if Seattle wasn’t ranked in 11th place. Whine, whine, whine… We just want it to clear up in time for a little grillin’ action for Memorial Day. Is that too much to ask? On the bright side, Miami came in last. At least our cookout season doesn’t suck as much as theirs!

Photo by thomas23.

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