Bright & Early: Too Early For Tequila Edition

Good morning, Nashville, and happy Cinco de Mayo. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that tonight is the night that Franklin will try to earn the prestigious title of Tequila Shot Capitol of the World by having around 1,300 people do tequila shots at the same time, thus breaking the existing world record for simultaneous tequila shots. The City of Franklin is totally down with this as long as the organizers–Sol Restaurant–hire 8 off-duty police officers to hang out and keep folks safe, advertise a “safe-ride” program, and warn the neighbors with some flyers. So if you want to be a part of history, they’ll be serving up the shots at 7:45pm and slamming them at 8 around Fourth Avenue and Main in downtown Franklin.

  • Be smart. Speaking of, Metro PD will be out in full force tonight to make sure no one is driving around drunk and putting us all in danger. They’ll have about 30 extra officers out, 21 of which were funded by a “special federal grant” for stuff like this. That said, call a cab or a friend or use Zingo or something–just don’t drink and drive!
  • Who still likes the TVA? Even Alabama isn’t happy with the TVA and that whole slinging-toxic-sludge-across-the-southeast bit–thanks to another accident that left a gypsum pond overflowing in the northeast part of the state, they’re now trying to fine the TVA $25,000 for the mess.
  • Bits & pieces. There’s a massive job fair for a transportation company happening today and tomorrow … Not sure how we feel about a countrified Warped Tour … Tennessee is having a tough time convincing the Hispanic population that they won’t be detained if they allow themselves to be counted for the census … Crockett Elementary in Williamson County became the first public school to shut down for the swine flu.

Photo by Giant Ginkgo.