Aw, Darn: Camp Nashville “Postponed” Until 2010

Remember Camp Nashville? If you don’t, here’s a refresher: It’s that camp that cost eight grand (that’s $8,000.00) to attend, carted rabid country music fans around in tour busses for five days, and featured private performances from the likes of John Rich.

We’re terribly sorry to inform you that Camp Nashville has been “postponed” until 2010 due to the state of the economy. We like to think that it’s due to the fact that it cost $8,000, but that’s just us. [via Country Music Tattle Tale]

Edit 4:30pm: Your Daily WTF Moment brought to you by Peter Cooper of the Tennessean, who suggests that “Until 2010, fans wanting to experience first-hand the life of a country music superstar are encouraged to marry a country music superstar.”