Bright & Early: The Saga Continues Edition

Good morning, Nashville. More than two months out from the English Only special election, things are already starting to heat up a bit. Davidson County resident and El Salvador native Rosa Quinteros served Metro and the Davidson County Election Commission with a lawsuit yesterday afternoon. Quinteros, who’s in the country legally seeking temporary asylum from her country, says the ordinance would violate her First Amendment rights. The lawsuit could suspend the special election indefinitely if it’s successful.

  • Not above the law. But that isn’t the only lawsuit brewing. A Memphis codes inspector is citing President-elect Barack Obama for defacing public property with his campaign signs. The inspector managed to pick up 500 signs he says were illegally placed and is planning on bringing Obama to court.
  • Ouch! With public university funding being slashed left and right this week, Tennessee college students are looking as much as a 24% tuition increase next year. Community colleges’ tuition could go up as much as 29%.
  • Bits & pieces. Preds’ captain Jason Arnott returned to practice yesterday morning, proving once again that he’s basically indestructible … The Downtown Quality of Life Task Force has some new ideas for helping our homeless folks … The fairgrounds needs to either get it together or move on out, says a consultant … The state could be looking at going $150M into debt for unemployment this year.

Photo by calevans.

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