Vote For Your Neighbors In Franklin: 2008 Sizzle Awards

Though we’re proud to be Nashvillians, we have to admit that we do spend a lot of time in Williamson County. We like to show our neighbors a little love (or are we just masochistic for shopping in Cool Springs?). Either way, there’s lots to be seen and done in Franklin, and they have their own “Best of Nashville” sort of thing that showcases the finest to be found in Williamson County. All who have favorites may vote in Williamson County’s 2008 Sizzle Awards, and the winners will be published in the February edition of Southern Exposure Magazine.

We know that a lot of our readers live in Williamson County, so tell us: what are your favorite local Williamson County businesses? From food to entertainment (and everything in between), this is an opportunity to get the word out for your local businesses and friends. Vote away!

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