Castles & Labyrinths: Tennessee’s Best Kept Secrets

When we think of Tennessee, the last things that come to mind are castles and labryinths. Thanks to the internet, we’ve discovered that we actually have both. The self-proclaimed “Castlefinders” at are not only building their own castle, but they have scoured the country and created a database of castles or castle-like buildings. There are several listed close to Nashville, but it’s sort of funny when you realize that one is the well-known Castle Recording Studio, and another is an old mine. These Castlefinders define a castle as “something that captures the imagination, that has the ability to transport you to another time and place.” They even offer free castle-building lessons (aka help them build their castle), for a DIY adventure!

We have significantly more labyrinths, some at places we drive past every day. It turns out that a lot of churches and cathedrals have labyrinths on their properties as a place for reflection and meditation. Now, if only we could find the internet database of dungeons.

[Thanks to crionox for both tips and the photos!]

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