Bright & Early: Unhappy Hour Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Metro schools is hoping to start out the school year on the right foot by randomly searching students for drugs, alcohol or weapons. Though they’ve been doing it for three years, the program has been successful in the past at reducing reports of these kinds of violations. Officials say that the goal is to keep kids safe, which takes on special meaning this morning as we’re also hearing news of a shooting at Central High School in Knoxville. Our hearts go out to our East Tennessee neighbors while they deal with that.

  • Fields of gold. Parents are starting to speak up about the $2M soccer fields at Warner Park where the city has banned all little league practices after an expensive upgrade. The city wants to save the fields for adult soccer and flag football games on the weekends, which means the fields are vacant during the week.
  • Exhibit A. A drunk homeless man was carted into a homeless task force meeting in handcuffs last night to illustrate that the Davidson County criminal justice system is tired of homeless chronic offenders putting a strain on the system. The man had been 24 times this year and was soon taken back out of the meeting after many of the task force members complained that the move was inappropriate.
  • Bits & pieces. Practice season is over and the Titans are ready to start the real deal … Antioch is spraying for West Nile mosquitoes again this evening at dusk … It might rain today, but probably not … Belmont is still preparing for the debate.

Photo by hsvjean.

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