Bright & Early: Watch Where You Step Edition

Good morning, Nashville. A Brentwood Library branch is expanding, paving a parking lot over an old Indian burial ground from the 1400s. When the library was first built about 10 years ago, many artifacts including graves were removed from the ground, understandably upsetting the Native American community. This time they’ve at least done an archaeological dig and study of the area before they coated it in concrete, but they discovered at least two infant graves that they’ll be leaving as unpaved islands in the middle of the parking lot. Creepy?

  • More Nashville newcomers. Zipcar, a super-cheap car rental service used in a lot of other cities, may be coming to Nashville within the next few months. A pretty unique twist on public transportation, they’d primarily be used for the folks living downtown who don’t need cars all the time.
  • Rotten neighbors. The Tennessee Valley Authority is pretty much polluting the whole Southeast with their coal plants and now the affected states are calling for tighter restrictions on the smoke stacks. That sort of explains all the air quality alerts we’ve been seeing lately.
  • Bits & pieces. The missing boy for which an Amber Alert was issued yesterday has been found safe in Maury County. No details yet about where or how … Some blasting company in Brentwood almost blew us all up yesterday … The number of people using MTA has increased 11 percent in the past year … $4 gas is here.

Photo by cgrantham.

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