Know Your Art Crawl: Germantown

Germantown Art Crawl logo

Editor’s note: In the interest of adding to your cultural literacy, we’re bringing you a new series: Know Your Art Crawl.

The Germantown Art Crawl, held the third Saturday of every month (that’s this weekend!) at the 100 Taylor Building (located at, 100 Taylor Street, of course), is centered around the art studio space and Bearded Iris Brewing. The crawl began in mid-summer 2016.

For more about the crawl, we spoke with Anthony Billups, who co-founded the Germantown Art Crawl with his wife, Katje, and Dan Bockman. “The goal of the Germantown Art Crawl is to become a part of the amazing lineup of art events in Nashville, like the Downtown, WeHo and East Side Art Crawls … to provide another night where we can showcase local artists, local beer, local music, and local businesses.” Billups, a visual artist and musician who moved to Nashville about a decade ago, has a vision for what he would like the GAC to become: every third Saturday to be similar to the vibe of a street festival like Oktoberfest, but with art and music. Billups adds “That’s the kind of art crawl that I would love to go to…showcasing local artists on the streets, in local businesses, everyone walking about Germantown and supporting art and music… makes me smile thinking about it.”

The Germantown Art Crawl exists because of the hard work of local artists and local businesses.  To fund the crawl, a small booth setup fee ($100) is charged along with sponsorships from local businesses. While other art crawl venues charge a commission, taking a percentage of the sale of art, Billups passionately adds “We never take any commission from the artists. We never will.”

PAST EXHIBITING ARTISTS INCLUDE – Heidi Schwartz, Stephen Watkins, Trevor Mikula, Shane Miller, Michelle Farro, Blair Wheeler, Emory Dukes, Jason Saffran, Jake Elliott, Jessyca Myers, Kate Cloud, Douglass Charlton, Jon Stone, Richard Sturtridge, Kyle Simmons, Sarah Gallina, Molly Rose Jewelry, Michael Lax, Patrick Scott, Macon St. Hilaire, Paulette Licitra, Leah Boorse, Sam Wade, Ryan McCauley and more…

AND MUSIC HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY – Tom Schreck, Connor Rand, Emily Nelson, Narwhal Empire, Daniel Lawrence Walker, Lindsay Ellyn, Savanna Chestnut, Matthew Moon, Willie Thomas Huston, Drew Kohl, Kiely Schlesinger, Ariel Bui, Steve Barnett, Benjamin Douglas, MIchelle Pereira, Lori Kelley, David Newbould, John M., Joe Nolan, and more…

Currently, there is a call for artists, sponsors and local businesses who want to be involved. Contact for more information.

The Germantown Art Crawl is the third Saturday of each month from 6pm – 9pm.

2017 dates include: January 21, February 18,  March 18,  April 15,  May 20, June 17,  July 15, August 19,  September 16, October 21,  November 18 and December 16.