Bright & Early: Do You Hear What I Hear Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Here’s your roundup of today’s headlines:

Photo by Paul Nicholson.

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  • I may have to go to Nuvo tonight. You’re the second source to recommend it.

    • Okay, so I didn’t mention this in the review because it’s kind of disgusting, but I am STILL tasting the burrito from last night (and yes, I have brushed my teeth twice). Them things is potent! So um, take some mints.

      • I wanted to go tonight, but then the gf and I realized it’s pie and pint night at Family Wash so I think we’re gonna have to hit that up instead. Soon though, Nuvo, I will taste your deliciousness.

        • So I can report that the Nuvo is delicious and will be a food I seek often when in East Nashville. The staff is super friendly and even remade my gf’s burrito when they used the wrong kind of tortilla on accident. Plenty of space and tables are laid out nicely.

          One complaint would have to be that the fountain drink machine is awkwardly located right next to the counter where you order/pay so it makes for some interesting maneuvering when you go in for a refill.

  • Mmm. Burritos in the morning. 😉

  • jenn89

    hey – where is it located and do you have a link to their menu?

    • It’s located at 1000 Main St. in East Nashville near Five Points. It’s in the old Z’s Deli space. As for the menu, it’s nowhere online right now. 🙁

    • They should have a menu and website up soon online. We’ll edit that information in when it’s available. They’re having some web troubles.

    • Their menu is up online:

  • ut113088

    november 13th!!! thats all i have to say.

    • Ha! We pretty much can’t wait for that either…

  • jmgregory

    Let’s see… the menus are on flat-screen TVs, the “burritos” include spinach, artichoke, and sweet potatoes, and a meal is over $10.

    Yup, this place has 5 points written all over it.

  • I just tried Nuvo Burrito for the first time. Baja had better put their game face on.

  • john

    Are you guys kidding? First off let me say I’m a huge burrito fan and have been looking forward to this place opening up since word leaked months ago. I ate there the first time on saturday and was very disappointed …I decided to give it another chance monday and it was just as disappointing. The taste was bland and generic and it wasn’t even rolled properly so when I picked it up everything fell out the bottom. Looks like I’ll have to keep driving out to 100 oaks from the east side to eat a decent burrito 🙁

    • Sorry you didn’t like it! It’s definitely not your traditional burrito, but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone who’s tried it, and I certainly enjoyed the burrito that I chose – anything but bland and generic, and rolled up with no complaints. Nuvo won’t ever replace Baja in my diet, but it’s added to the rotation for sure.

    • ann81

      I’ld have to agree with you on this. The meat was good, but everything else looked like it was served out of a can or jar and very bland.

  • grizaham

    I had the Plymouth yesterday and it was seriously the best burrito i have ever had.. I cannot wait to go back and get another one! So glad Nuvo is in the neighboorhood!
    Thanks for coming!