Bright & Early: Diverse & Eccentric Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Here’s what’s shakin’ this morning:

  • You know what’s not a good idea? Shooting an arrow into a group of children while trying to puncture an inflatable thing, which you clearly cannot hit because you have no aim. [WKRN]
  • Metro cab drivers turned out to protest an ordinance that would have forced them to buy new vehicles when theirs turned eight years old or hit 250,000 miles. Cab drivers argued that they can’t really afford to do this and it would put them out of work. The proposal was unanimously voted down. [WTVF]
  • In other protest news, the postal workers are unhappy. [WPLN]
  • The Murfreesboro Islamic Center might actually finally be breaking ground this morning after what seems like an eternity of legal battles and firebombing threats and construction site vandalism and other things. Finally. [WTVF]
  • The newest proposed solution for Green Hills traffic? A trolley, according to Metro Councilman Sean McGuire. If we can’t have a hovercraft, a teleportation device or a series of climate-controlled underground tunnels, we suppose this might do. [Tennessean]
  • Remember that green parking program we hyped a few months ago? It’s still there, and you can still join. So far only five people have taken advantage of it. Yes, five. [Tennessean]

Photo by Tom C. Frundle.

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