Bright & Early: Bieber Fever Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Your tour of this morning’s headlines:

  • So Justin Bieber was in town yesterday filming some sort of Christmas video in Franklin Square involving a snow machine and everyone freaked out! We, however, remained perfectly calm. Perfectly calm. [Tennessean]
  • The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that they’ve made 39% more drunk driving arrests this year than in past years. So far they’ve picked up nearly 3,500 folks for getting behind the wheel impaired. [WZTV]
  • A cross-dressing male was attacked in West Nashville last night, making him the second cross-dressing victim of an assault this week. [WKRN]
  • It may be getting a little warm today, but expect things to get pretty darn fall-ish after tonight. [Nashville WX]
  • In the latest installment of new Sounds stadium rumors, one property owner would like to put it right by LP Field near that nasty scrap metal place on the river. [City Paper]

Photo by Amy Allmand.

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  • jmgregory

    Double the height of the Batman building? Thank goodness they ran out of money.

  • Awesome photo. Who’s the photographer? I am one of the faithful RSS subscribers who will be very grateful once the RSS feed sports the photos again. But, it’s worth it to make the extra click for sure. Love Nashvillest!

    • Well it would seem to make sense to me that if this building has not been built then that means that image is a computer representation, hence all the perfect clouds and lens flare.

    • We’re still working on the RSS issues! 🙁 Hopefully things will be back to normal real soon. The problem is with the plugin that allows us to feature posts up top and generate the photo credit field. It has some compatibility issues with the current version of WordPress and the kind folks at Centresource are in the process of finding a workaround. As for the photo credits, for some reason they’re not appearing in the top post, but they do show up as soon as that post is pushed down by a more recent one. Frustrating, but eventually we’ll get it all straight. Thanks for bearing with us.

  • Just a quick update: Tony G still owns the lot and the possibility of the Signature Tower still exists. Although, most likely the 70 stories is out of the question.