Bright & Early: Winning! Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It was a good weekend in the local football realm, as Vanderbilt continued their winning streak with a 30-7 victory over Mississippi, and the Titans landed a 26-13 win over the Ravens despite mediocre-at-best performance from one certain highly-paid running back who missed all of this year’s training camp and preseason. Cough, cough. Said running back offered as an excuse for his nine carries and 24 yards game, “I’ve got to get back in my groove.” We’re doing plenty of grooving to CJ2K’s rap song. Maybe a few spins of that would help? In other headline news:

  • The Preds are suiting up for their first preseason games today. Yes, games – They’ll play the Florida Panthers twice today, then head to Baltimore to face off against the Washington Capitals tomorrow. [The City Paper]
  • Whew. The CMA Awards are safe and sound at home in Nashville, at least through 2013, thanks to a three-year contract with the Bridgestone Arena. As if they belong anywhere else. [WKRN]
  • Hume-Fogg is using pre-calc textbooks that are practically older than the students themselves and held together with duct tape. They actually purchased new textbooks in 2005, but they’re sitting in a closet gathering dust. Metro will auction off the shiny new pre-calc textbooks next year to some other lucky school, because Hume Fogg prefers the duct taped versions, please and thank you. [The City Paper]
  • The Gulch is poised to become the “heartbeat of Nashville,” at least according to those who are building restaurants and apartments there. [Tennessean]
  • Hey, it’s raining! And it’s going to rain some more. But how about these temperatures? Mother Nature almost has us convinced that fall is here. [Nashville WX]
  • Bellevue residents are literally dancing through their new liquor stores and having their pictures taken at the counter. Seriously. That’s what we like to see. [WKRN]
  • Tennessee unemployment dropped slightly in August, though we’re still above the national average at 9.7%. [WPLN]

Photo by Tom C. Frundle.

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