Bright & Early: Puck Stops Here Edition

Good morning, Nashville.  Your tour of today’s headlines:

  • The wild hogs are taking over! No, for real. They’re taking over. [WTVF]
  • After a pretty rough offseason for the NHL, the Preds took home a win and a loss in yesterday’s preseason double-header opener. [City Paper]
  • A study by the group Main Street Fairness, coincidentally “a coalition of Amazon competitors,” guesstimated that giving Amazon the upper hand when it comes to not charging sales tax in Tennessee would cost the state 7,000 jobs next year. [WPLN]
  • Speaking of things that hemmorhage Tennessee cash, 75% of Tennesseans apparently don’t pay their court costs and fines.  [WTVF]
  • TDOT has beefed up their fancy traffic monitoring system in Nashville and it’s totally open to the public! [WKRN]
  • We better see you wearing that completely soothing and totally non-threatening shade of Titans blue on Friday, Nashville. [WKRN]

Photo by Paul Nicholson.

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