Bright & Early: Castle In The Sky Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Your morning headlines:

  • Metro Schools officials polled parents and found that just over half of them actually prefer the idea of a “balanced” school calendar to the regular one. With the balanced calendar, kiddos would probably start in late July or early August and give up a couple of weeks of summer break in favor of longer fall and spring breaks. [WKRN]
  • After an off-season full of more run-ins with the law than we care to keep track of, Kenny Britt is slated to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today to talk through his adventures. Though Titans coach Mike Munchak let him off without any sort of punishment, he could be looking at some sort of disciplining measures from the league. [Tennessean]
  • Police are having a tough time figuring out who exactly was at fault in a scuffle between former District 5 councilwoman Pam Murray’s son and a guy who was allegedly trying to take down her campaign signs at the request of a property owner. The fight landed the latter in the emergency room, but the officer on the scene couldn’t tell who attacked whom first. They were both referred to the DA’s office to press charges if they felt like it, but neither has done so yet. [Tennessean]
  • It’s going to get hot again! Seriously, bring on the fall. We’re over it. [Nashville WX]
  • The famous alley between the Ryman and Tootsie’s could be getting a makeover soon, as it’s apparently becoming a more popular tourist destination. Over the years, it’s been used by music legends like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to slip out during a show and grab a drink from one of the Broadway honkytonks. [City Paper]
  • As of yesterday afternoon almost 1,400 Metro students still didn’t have the vaccines they needed to go to school. [WKRN]

Photo by Josh Beasley.

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