Bright & Early: Ppppttthhhhhhbbbbbttt Edition

Good morning, Nashville. News Channel 5′s investigative team continues to dig up dirt on Davidson County Clerk John Arriola (whose last name, by the way, is one of our least favorite things to type in a news item each day), this time bringing to light the taxpayer-funded $33,000 Chevy Tahoe he drives instead of the more fuel-efficient vehicle provided to his office. They also found that while he said he uses it to visit all the county clerk offices, he’s actually only visited one of them in the last six months, and only once. Additionally, back when he requested the vehicle, he felt it was necessary to ask for 20-inch wheels, for safety. The good news is that the entire fiasco has made some members of the Metro Council realize that many city vehicles go unused and we could be saving an awful lot of money by simply reimbursing staff for mileage instead.

Photo by Eva Maria.

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