Let The Games Begin: CMApocalypse Bingo 2011

Happy Monday, and welcome to CMApocalypse 2011, folks! It’s time to get ready to welcome a few hundred thousand extra people into our fair city. To keep a smile on our faces as we sit in traffic and wait in extra long lines this week, CMApocalypse Bingo is back for year four. Print ‘er out and keep ‘er handy, because you never know what you’ll encounter this week. The possibilities are endless.

UPDATE: We can’t believe we didn’t put Justin Bieber on the bingo board. What were we thinking? To make up for it, you can substitute any square for a Justin Bieber in the wild sighting (CMT Awards don’t count)!

Special thanks to Lyssa and Beth for their help with a few of this year’s bingo squares. Thanks a bunch, ladies!

Giant sized CMApocalypse Bingo 2011 board
Pocket sized CMApocalypse Bingo 2011 board
Mobile CMApocalypse Bingo 2011 interactive board (Thanks, Thomas!)