Bright & Early: Will It Or Won’t It Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Local news outlets are all abuzz about Festival Tennessee, a proposed Spring Hill theme park announced at yesterday’s press conference by Big International Group of Entertainment, Inc. The $750 million project would span 1,500 acres and include a water park, roller coasters, movie studios, hotels, a charter school and a sports complex that developers hope will attract an NBA team. Developers also say it could create as many as 15,000-20,000 jobs and somehow hopefully solve Tennessee’s meth problem. After some digging around, however, it was revealed that Big International Group of Entertainment director Dennis Peterson has been involved with at least four companies who have had business licenses revoked in his home state of Nevada. One of those companies was even sued after bouncing a $200,000 check related to a Michael Jackson movie project that never came to fruition. News Channel 5 also caught up with Roger Kidneigh, president of the company, who filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009. Spring Hill city officials say that they’ve made no commitments yet and can back out with no consequences at this point.

Photo by Paul Beavers.

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