Bright & Early: Dreary Friday Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Last night’s storm system dumped about 1-3 inches of rain on us here in Middle Tennessee, bringing some strong winds and tornado scares along with it. The Nashville Electric Service reported that there were an estimated 24,500 people without power last night, but had restored all but about 1,140 as of this morning. A couple of stoplights were still out during the morning commute and debris reportedly littered the roads, though we suspect that most of it is clear by now.  If you see any major blockages, though, call 862-8750 to report it to Metro. The folks in Antioch seemed to get battered the worst with several churches and homes damaged, but fortunately no one was hurt! So we’ll see you next week, thunderstorms.

Photo by Paul Beavers.

  • Voted for you guys, of course! Jake is up for best visual artist @ I’d love it if you’d vote for him!!

  • There are too many categories to vote for so instead I’m not going to vote yet be appalled by the results of my uncultured and less hip Nashville neighbors.

    • I then decided I would vote for because obviously it is the best local blog, but was greeted by a very unfriendly “Service Unavailable” error mesage.

      • Aww. @tndotcom says that the server is down temporarily. Yay internet?

  • Man.. I don’t remember what the voting UI looked like last year, but if this is the greatly improved version, yikes. Unless you plan on voting in all 105 categories straight through, even the ones where you don’t have a clue what you’re voting on, be prepared for a nightmarish romp through opening and reopening the menus and submenus and re-clicking through multi pages of subcategories.

    • And I’ll be shocked if the nominees on the first page of each category don’t do mysteriously better than then nominees on the last page of their category.

      And you’d think the Tennessean could find a proofreader to keep the same nominee from appearing multiple times under 4 or 5 different spellings.

      Not that I’m being critical or anything 😉

      • You win, you win. After playing with it some more, it is pretty bad for the reasons you’ve listed (no way to skip categories unless you use the menus, multiple pages of nominees that are barely noticeable). But last year was worse, we promise.

        I think the multiples/mispellings are user-submitted nominations. But they should still be weeding those out. I noticed that there were two entries for CREMA Coffee today (but none yesterday).

  • Sorry about all the issues with Toast. The majority of the site is human run, thus there will be human error. We’re doing our best to correct everything as quickly as possible.

    About the problem with moving from category to category; we just added a new category link to the left navigation bar. It will take you to a new (but random) category. Due to odd database problems, we can’t make it shift to the next category on the list, but we’re trying to make it as pain-free as possible. (We’re definitely learning for next years, at least.)

    If you have any other crazy issues that you find, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to get them fixed.

    • Twitterite

      Feel free to twitter your feedback on toast to @ToastMusicCity

      that’s what I did

  • Tickledp

    Of couse businesses benefit from polls like this but 1.) most businesses don’t get notified of the poll,2.) because there is so many entries in each section you can get lost if you are on the second page of the list, like me and my business, Tickled Pink Upscale Ladies Consignment store, I was unaware of this poll until 2 days before it ended and I was on the second page. I think if you are going to have something like this that infulences people than there should be a better system designed & offered. I feel we are one of the best stores in nashville but will loose out to another because of the aboved mentioned. I think if you have a year round commentary site, announce it in the paper and use those results to award the businesses in town you might get a better posting of true results, not one driven by mass online voting, then it could be used like the website Angies list. We work hard here to be the best store, offering services no other consignment store in nashville offers and keeping the prices the lowest we can while offering the best clothes this is how you become the best in nashville.

    • Becky

      But how real are the votes? I mean if you have alot of friends you can win and not based on business. And what about the very business” owners who are getting disability,food stamps, free medical and spouse who is gainly employed,but have a business run by the disabled person, who says he “volunteers”? Tennessean needs to check out these business” before they award them.