Happy Hour: Fish In A Barrel

  • It’s snowing! Or snizzling. Or snouring. Or snaining. Either way, it is downright nasty outside, so be careful! [WTVF]
  • As such, there have been some school closings and cancellations of evening activities, so keep an eye out if that applies to you. [WSMV]
  • The Titans have officially named offensive line coach Mike Munchak as the new head coach. And no, he does not have a mustache, so this might take some getting-used-to. [WKRN]
  • If ever you get the urge to dig through old Metro Council or school board meeting archives, you will soon be able to do so on Youtube. [City Paper]
  • Police are investigating a pipe bomb that was found in a porta-potty at Cedar Hill Park in Madison yesterday. Though they were thankfully able to “safely detonate” the bomb, they are still trying to figure out who put it there.  [WTVF]

Photo by Rebecca Seung.

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