Bright & Early: Clash Of The Titans Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Ol’ Bud Adams finally made up his mind yesterday: Vince Young is officially getting the boot. The Titans had a pretty disastrous 2010 season, and most of the chatter in the past few weeks has suggested that either Vince or Coach Fisher would be leaving the franchise, as the two can’t seem to coexist. In a statement released yesterday, Adams thanked Vince for his service and said that they are working to find a new quarterback to lead the team next season. Vince, too, kept it classy and thanked the city of Nashville, teammates, fans, Bud Adams, and anyone else he could cram into 140 characters on his Twitter account. So Vince, Nashvillest bids you a hearty farewell.

Photo by Nathan T. Baker.

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