Basil Marceaux: Christmas Turns Him On [Goobernatorial]

Everyone’s favorite former gubernatorial candidate, Basil Marceaux, has decided to bless us this holiday season with an original Christmas tune entitled “Come Christmas,” complete with a music video showcasing 300 of Basil’s best facial expressions and his spectacular ability to choose a ham at the grocery store. While we can’t really shed any light on why the video is titled “Basil Marceaux Christmas Weed”* (we have a few theories) or why Mr. Marceaux’s lady companion keeps hiding his glasses in the Christmas tree, it’s worth watching for the sheer WTF factor. Happy Sunday, Nashville.

*It appears that the video title has been changed to simply “Basil Marceaux Christmas,” which is not nearly as fun as “Basil Marceaux Christmas Weed.” This is why screen shots exist!

Photo via Basil Marceaux Music.