Saturday: It’s BarCamp Time Again [Where My Geeks At]

A crowd of 500+ folks (Super Swarm badge, anyone?) making their way to Cadillac Ranch on Broadway this Saturday (before 8am, no less) may look confusing at first, but if you look closely, you’ll probably notice more than a few laptops and smartphones in the crowd. The reason for the massive group of technology fiends descending on lower Broad? BarCamp Nashville, an annual “unconference” put on by geeks, for geeks. At an unconference like BarCamp, any attendee can pitch in to help plan, volunteer or hold a session during the day – and what you end up with is a free new media conference with a diverse range of topics, opinions and expertise.

This year, attendees have already been busy creating nearly 50 sessions about online branding and marketing, web development, best business practices and of course, everyone’s old favorite, social media. Check out the sessions, pick what strikes your fancy, and join us at Cadillac Ranch this Saturday to start learning! (If you forget to register online, you can do so at the door.)

Are you skimming this post because you’re already experienced in the ways of BarCamp? We’ve got a few things for you too, so listen up.

  1. We hear that the BarCamp crew is still in need of a few volunteers (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)! Contact Sam Bradley to lend a hand.
  2. Go scheduling pro with BCN Social, an online social scheduling tool that lets you find out where your friends are via Twitter and texts you throughout the day to tell you where and when your next session is happening.
  3. All good lists have three points.

Experienced BarCamper or not, be sure to bring a can or two of food to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Still on the fence? Would an afterparty with some free Yazoo help you make up your mind? (Yeah, we thought so too.)

BarCamp Nashville, Saturday, October 16 at Cadillac Ranch (305 Broadway).
Registration starts at 7:30am, sessions run from 8am to 4:20pm, and the afterparty starts at 5.

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