OktoberStreetFesting: A Guide To Side-By-Side German Festivities This Weekend

It’s an old story if you’ve been in Nashville for longer than a year or two – No, Nashville’s Oktoberfest in Historic Germantown and the Germantown Street Festival are not the same festival. They were, but that’s a tale for another time. The separate-but-equal-ish festivals take place this weekend to celebrate Oktoberfest, same time, same place, same price (free). So what’s the difference? (Nothing, really.)

What does this mean for eager Nashvillian Oktoberfesters? If you want to spend the weekend enjoying polka dancers, all sorts of bad-for-you food & drink, (loud) live music and people in funny outfits, Germantown is the place to be this Saturday. And if you’re not a fan of bratwurst or beer, there’s still plenty going on for you – Antiques to browse, historic churches to tour, pooches to parade, 5ks to run, and you can probably count on there being some funnel cakes and taco trucks hanging around.

The Germantown Street Festival kicks off Saturday morning with their 8am Bier Run, followed by entertainment starting at 8:30am and running all the live long day, or until 6pm. Nashville Oktoberfest will fling open their gates (and the taps) at 9am, wrapping things up at 6pm as well.

The moral of the story? There will be plenty of beer flowing through the streets of Germantown this Saturday, but probably not as much beer as there was in Munich this past weekend. Cheers!

Photo by Neuski.

PS: Watch out for these road closures as you make your way toward the fun.

Friday & Saturday, October 8-9: Monroe Street, 7th Ave N to 6th Ave N; 6th & 7th Ave between Madison and Taylor

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